Spontaneous Combustion Fire

A family this year had to suffer from a spontaneous combustion fire in their first floor living room. We are so happy to announce we have completed the work on this house fire, in the St. Cloud Wisconsin area.


They had put some cleaning rags in a pile on a chair and the rags spontaneously combusted; unfortunately setting their first floor ablaze. 


Our first step when we walk into a house fire is to go through their belongings and do a “pack-out” where we determine if items are salvageable or unsalvageable and box them separately.

The second step once the area is clear of debris and household items is to start cleaning up walls/flooring etc that can be cleaned. If things are damaged beyond repair we need to decide what will be replaced and remodeled.

We will bring salvageable items back to our warehouse where they are cleaned professionally through a variety of different cleaning practices.


Once the home is restored/remodeled we can then move their belonging back into the house, and they too can move back in!

For your families safety please keep in mind this INFORMATION AND ADVICE in regards to oily rags being left around your home (even for short periods of time, can have disastrous consequences). 

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