Fire Restoration: Garage Fire

We just wrapped up on a garage fire, which started from a car that started on fire, parked in front of the garage.

We had to get a new garage door, and redo some work within the inside as well.

(Can you spot an old friend, on the job?! #thegnomeisback #gnome)

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Madison House Fire: Board Up

A horrible house fire occurred in Madison December 30th. A father and two teenage boys were able to escape the fire unscathed. The fire is still under investigation as to how it occurred. Aquire Restoration, Inc was called to board up and secure the home after the fire Madison Fire.

What is a Board Up?

Boarding up is the process of installing boards on the windows and doors of a property to protect it from storm damage or to prevent unauthorized access by squatters, looters or vandals. Plywood sheets are usually used for this but an alternative is plastic sheeting.

The following are pictures from homes that have suffered fires, and have been boarded up.

Aquire is there to help with Fire Restoration