Fire Restoration: Garage Fire

We just wrapped upĀ on a garage fire, which started from a car that started on fire, parked in front of the garage.

We had to get a new garage door, and redo some work within the inside as well.

(Can you spot an old friend, on the job?! #thegnomeisback #gnome)

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Electric Garage Fire

In August we had the unfortunate occurrence of an electrical fire in a homeowners garage.

The fire started in one of their electrical sockets in the garage, and quickly after igniting the fire consumed the garage and started towards their kitchen (which was directly attached). Firefighters luckily came in time to put the blaze out before doing major damage to the house itself.

Our primary focus when we arrive on the scene is to make sure the building is secure. So we do so by boarding up the windows, doors and open areas to protect the structure from further damage.

After board up, it’s time to address the contents of the home. What has been damaged? What cannot be restored? What can be cleaned, deodorized and restored to pre-loss condition?

Documentation and removing all contents from the affected area is the next step in fire restoration.

We will also soda blast the affected areas. Soda blasting is using “baking soda” or bicarbonate soda in conjunction with air for the removal of fire and smoke damage. It not only removes the visual damage but has natural deodorizing properties as well. Since fire, smoke and ash are typically at the high end of the pH scale, baking soda works fast in neutralizing the odor.

After contents and home are cleaned and restored the homeowner can move back into their home!

This is the best part of our job. Bringing happiness, safety and comfort back into their life!