Mold Damage

Lacking easily recognized symptoms, Mold & Mildew are an insidious hazard to health and property.

Although mold and mildew are often the result of water damage – it can be caused either by a slow leak, major flooding – it can also be a result of high humidity due to poor ventilation or a roof leak. In any case, left untreated, it can cause as much damage as a fire.

Mold & Mildew spores can weaken the structural integrity of a building if not addressed in a timely fashion. Pathogens threaten the health of occupants; especially infants, the elderly, pets and anyone with a compromised immune system.

You cannot just trust your nose or any restoration contractor. Knowing the signs – and understanding its causes – is the first step to getting rid of mold & mildew once and for all. Aquire Restoration, Inc. is The Clean Trust Certified to restore properties damaged by mold.

At Aquire Restoration, Inc. we have practical experience in both construction & restoration. We know where to look for problems and how to solve them – quickly & the most cost effective in our industry.


When the job is finished, you don’t want it to look right – you want it to be right. That is the Aquire Restoration, Inc. guarantee…

We know what you want.

We understand what you need.

We have what it takes.

And we deliver.

Our goal is simple: “We’re not happy until you’re happy”

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