Fire Damage

Fire & Smoke often result in hidden damage that can be the hardest to find & fix.

Fire Damage, and the accompanying smoke & water damage are unique in that solving one problem – putting out the fire – often contributes to the damage. Safely cleaning up after a fire involves knowing where to look for damage that isn’t immediately apparent: inside walls and ceilings, under floors, etc. Depending on how extensive the fire, depends on whether materials get replaced or restored and that is where the expertise and certifications put Aquire Restoration, Inc. above the rest. But, that’s only part of the job.

Finding and eliminating smoke odor is just as important as finding and replacing burned studs/joists within a wall/ceiling. Whether there is minimal or heavy smoke damage, many times a thorough cleaning will fix the smoke damage problem. What good is making a place look like new when it still smells like the fire trucks just left? Aquire Restoration, Inc. has NEVER had a previous customer contact us for a smoke odor. Aquire Restoration, Inc. is The Clean Trust Certified to restore properties damaged by fire/smoke.

At Aquire Restoration, Inc. we have practical experience in both construction & restoration. We know where to look for problems and how to solve them – quickly & the most cost effective in our industry.

When the job is finished, you don’t want it to look right – you want it to be right. That is the Aquire Restoration, Inc. guarantee…

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